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Connecting Customer & Employee Experience to Measurable Business Results

A practical and impactful six -part interactive course on linking customer experience and employee experience to business results and financial impact. Through live, engaging information, real-life case studies, discussions and hands-on exercises, you can build, design and deliver measurable financial value through your CX & EX efforts.

Six Course Modules on these dates:

April 15

May 6

April 22

May 13

April 29

May 20

Online: 10:00 – 11:30am Central Time

Connecting the dots to experience value

Building, designing and executing a CX strategy in an ROI world

Translating customer engagement, VoC and Journey Maps into business results is a challenge for most organizations.  The C-Suite and other stakeholders need to understand how CX delivers clear business results in order to prioritize and invest in the CX Strategy. 

We will share case studies and proven tools, discuss and practice how you can identify, target, measure and achieve benefits of increased revenue per customer, call reduction, reduced customer attrition, referral increases, and reduce cost to serve from customer experience improvements – while you engage your customers.  Then we will share how to build and communicate a CX Value Story so the organization (and each key stakeholder) sees the value of delivering a great customer and employee experience. 

Understand how to define the best CX measures, metrics and business value for your organization

Show how to “connect-the-dots” from CX program to metrics improvement to business results

Learn the art and science of quantifying the value of customer experience

Discover the common “pitfalls” of quantifying CX value - and tips for avoiding them or fixing them

Learn ways to embed structure for CX benefits into your internal processes and governance

Examine ways to think differently about business results and ROI

Understand the implications of building a structure and foundation for CX benefits realization

Build your communication message to the C-Suite to secure funding for your CX program

Course Outline

  1. Defining CX Value – The Promise, The Potential, The Challenges
  2. Discover Value Opportunities
  3. Designing Value and Financial Impact
  4. Quantifying Value Opportunities
  5. Delivering Value
  6. Optimizing and Structuring for Continued Success

Course Objectives

  • Learn and apply the foundational elements of driving financial impact and ROI to build C-Suite commitment
  • Learn the common challenges and pitfalls of quantifying CX value – and tips for avoiding them or fixing them
  • Develop a systematic approach to identify, create and share the impact of your CX efforts
  • Understand the implications of building a structure and foundation for designing and creating CX benefits realization 

Designing and Delivering Customer Value

Understanding the drivers of customer value is necessary but designing value into the customer experience and delivering is consistently to customers is necessary to realize the vision and drive business results.   While 90% of companies say they have a customer experience strategy, less than 10% actually realize benefits from their strategy.

We will review proven approaches and case studies to identify the barriers to realizing value, how to effectively design and build multiple customer and employee value drivers into the brand experience, build the business case and deliver the value to customers, employees and shareholders. Through examples, hands-on exercises within your brand, discussions and readings, you will be able to help  

the instructors

Diane Magers, CCXP

Diane Magers, CCXP leads Experience Catalysts, an Experience and Brand advisory firm helping brands create value through an ecosystem of experiences. Diane has over 25 years working in and with brands of various sizes and industries building capabilities and defining and delivering measurable value creation through experiences. She was most recently CEO for the Customer Experience Professional’s Association and holds multiple credentials and certifications in the disciplines of experience management and design, a CX Expert and holds an MS in Psychology and an MBA.

Greg Tucker

Greg Tucker leads Tucker & Company, a Customer Experience advisory firm to design, deliver and monetize customer value that increases revenue growth, profitability, customer loyalty and achieves competitive advantage for B2B and B2C companies. He has been recognized as a CX Expert, Who’s Who of Customer Experience and CX Innovation award winner and holds an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


  • Connecting Customer & Employee Experience to Measurable Business Results

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