ARCET Global

CX Community
Networking Session

April 8, 2021 8:00-9:00 CET
April 9, 2021 8:30-9:30 CT

Join us for a friendly Networking Session, meet likeminded CX Professionals and discuss the latest and greatest trends in CX​


Mark Hamill

Mark is a Leader in creating engaging content led events and Building CX Communities across the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Mark’s focus is now on building more engaging Awards and Events concepts along with assisting clients on the next stage of their journey to excellence.

Diane Magers

CEO, Experience Catalysts
Diane is a passionate, experienced Customer Experience executive, change agent and sherpa for new and developing customer obsessed leaders. She has over 25years of building and growing Customer and Employee focus. She is currently interim CEO for the Customer Experience Professionals Association. Most recently at AT&T, she led Customer Experience strategy by transforming customer and associate engagement.

David Savage

CEO, The Experience of Customers
David Savage is Owner/ Strategist of TEoC (The Experience of Customers) in the Netherlands. He is a Certified Service Excellence Assessor focused on creating positive, memorable and sustainable customer experiences driven by customer centric cultures throughout Europe and North America.

Marlan Hardie

People Engagement Officer, Worldwide Technology
Marlan operates as the People Engagement Officer for global service providers at World Wide Technology. With 20 years in the customer care industry and a consulting background, Marlan has worked with many of the largest call centers in the telecom, cable, financial services, media and entertainment organizations. He evangelizes that “the brands that deliver the best customer experience have already provide the best employee experience.