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Mohsen Malaki

Digital Transformation


Mohsen has over 19 years of experience covering emerging markets, across strategy, planning, and execution roles. Mohsen’s industry expertise spans telecom, media, digital, and technology. He is an expert in corporate strategy, corporate performance management and the XPP and Balanced Scorecard Norton-Kaplan methodology.
Mohsen was Senior Director of Strategy at Intigral, the digital media JV created by Saudi Telecom, Astro, and SRMG, based in Dubai. Intigral’s focus was IPTV, OTT TV, digital mobile content and services including apps, appstores, and mobile advertising.

Mohsen was also Senior Manager and Head of the Research & Intelligence Unit at Delta Partners, a boutique Dubai-based management consulting firm offshoot from Oliver Wyman, where he worked on projects in telecom, media, IT, digital services.. He specialises in Digital transformation (digital strategy & business models, digital customer experience, digital operations, digital operating models, culture and organization, ecosystem engagement and management, and corporate venturing). 



Certified Masterclass: Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation

5-day course (can be reduced to 2 days as an introduction training) A course accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).
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Whether from nimbler startups or from established Silicon Valley tech giants, digital disruption is impacting key industries in advanced and emerging countries alike. From newspapers to the music industry, the impact of digitization has upended the traditional business models of incumbent firms. Many incumbents are left unprepared for the rapid changes to their market position and profits. The industries on the cusp of disruption today include telecom, financial services, media and entertainment. Many firms have realized the unavoidable disruption coming their way. But most are yet to transform their organizations to defend, let along conquer, the rapidly emerging digital economy. It is not enough to have a digital transformation strategy or plan. It is not enough to simply see digital as a technology or digital marketing initiative. Successful digital transformation is about organizational change. And nothing has a more prominent impact on change than the workforce and leadership digital readiness. 

This course will let attendees understand the enterprise-wide nature of a digital transformation. They will learn and think about the key pillars of an enterprise-wide digital transformation beyond just the technology aspects. Trainees will understand the interdependencies of a digital customer experience, digital operations, engagement and orchestration of digital ecosystems and startup collaborations, and corporate venturing to grow in the digital economy. The course will provide a framework for designing your own enterprise-wide digital transformation, including selecting your business model and setting a digital strategy or NorthStar, defining a digital operating model that is coherent with the NorthStar, and setting the strategy into motion through execution planning and management.  

Leaders, executives, and managers of Strategic Planning, Program Management Office, and Digital Transformation Program & Customer Experience Offices in industries that desire to orchestrate an effective organizational change that drives enterprise-wide digital transformation.

  • Understand the key pillars of a digital transformation program 
  • Look beyond technology or customer experience to see how digital transformation is enterprise-wide 
  • Understand the strategic options for positioning your firm in the broader digital ecosystem: Where to play and where to partner 
  • Understand the role of ecosystems and how to engage with them 
  • Get exposure to case studies of failures and successes in facing disruption 
  • Get exposure to case studies of digital transformation in different industries such as banking, retail, media, telecom, and public sector 
  • Align the organization’s various functions and units, ensuring each understands their role in a digital transformation, and the impact of a digital transformation on their unit or function 
  • Understand the organizational change required for becoming a digital enterprise: the key capabilities, organizational structure and governance implications, technology implications, and the role of data and platforms in a digital enterprise 

Consulting package 1: Digital Maturity Assessment

Digital disruption is putting pressure on organizations to transform themselves to be digital-ready. It is impacting every industry, with telecom, media, financial services/banking, and retail at the forefront.

To aid organizations in planning and navigating this complex transformation journey, we have leveraged our extensive industry expertise to develop industry-specific Digital Maturity Models (DMM). We work side by side with your leadership to conduct the DMM assessment across the critical pillars of a digital transformation and across all major functions in your organization. In understanding your current digital maturity level using our DMM tool, you will be able to understand the current capability strengths and the gaps you have. You will also be able to use the DMM to chart your journey to digital maturity, and continuously review your progress by redeploying the DMM every 6-12 months. 

We currently have Digital Maturity Models for the following industry sectors: 

  1. Retail Banking and Commercial Banking 
  1. Telecommunications (We are certified to conduct the TMForum DMM model for the telecommunications sector) 
  1. Retail & Consumer Goods 
  1. General cross-industry DMM 

Consulting package 2: Customer Experience Maturity Assessment

Customer experience is the new driver of customer loyalty. It is no longer enough to have a superior product if the experience around it is not orchestrated well and aligned with your organization’s brand promise.

Customer Experience Management is an art and a science. Customer experience is not just about band-aid solutions that fix customer dissatisfactions that you observe today. It is about instilling a culture of customer excellence in the DNA of the organization.
To aid organizations in planning and build their Customer Experience Management capability, we have leveraged our extensive industry expertise to develop our Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM). We work side by side with your leadership to conduct the CXMM assessment across the critical aspects of this organizational capability, including Customer, Competition, Organizational Structure, Process, Tools, People skills, and incentive structures. In understanding your current CX maturity level using our CXMM tool, you will be able to understand the current capability strengths and the gaps you have. You will also be able to use the CXMM to chart your journey to CX maturity, and continuously review your progress by redeploying the CXMM every 6-12 months.