Full Diagnostic, Roadmap & Evaluation

  • Discover how customer centric your organisation is
  • MRI Questionnaire for 25 people
  • Benchmark Score against 500+ Organisations from around the world across industries
  • Circumplex of the 8 Disciplines of a Customer Culture
  • Includes Verbatim comments from the 25 employees to understand their reasoning for the score you have received
  • 1 hour online debrief with MarketCulture to understand the results and outcomes of the assessment.
  • Second MRI Questionnaire without verbatim comments for 25 people to be taken after 180 days to measure results of your efforts.


A full diagnostic into how Customer Centric your organisation is leading to a benchmark percentage across a database of 500+ organisations. Find out where you sit across the 8 disciplines of a Customer Centric Culture, where you are strong and where you can improve. Hear directly from your employees (anonymously) how customer centric they believe you are and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Your report will give you a roadmap to improving customer centric culture across the organisation in as little as 90 days. Re-evaluate your workforce after 180 days using the MRI to quantify the improvement made to leadership and your team.

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