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ARCET GLOBAL Talent Management

We have recently partnered with CCR3 to create ARCET Global Talent Management (AGTM). A solution which seeks to best understand how to improve employee performance.



Make sure your candidates are a solid cultural fit for your organisation saving time and money in the recruitment process

Succession Planning

Successfully identify the best people to steer the organisation in the right direction

Risk Management

Evaluate employees risk tolerance to ensure they are suitable for a high risk role

Mental Wellbeing

Assess the mental health of your employees and identify those who need support


Make informed decisions during restructuring with concrete evidence for your decisions

ARCET Global has partnered with CCR3, a global firm with a focus on people and performance management systems designed to get the best from your people whilst getting the people to protect your investment. Emotional Intelligence is now recognised as a far better measure of a person’s capability and it’s also responsible for the performance levels in your people and teams.

CCR3’s Discovery Process®️ and its ERP system, OneSource®️ allow any organisation to fully understand your employees and how best to drive performance forward. It gives the worlds greatest insight into a person’s character, not their ever changing personality, and identifies how they think and make decisions, how they are motivated to engage and identifies and predicts their behaviours on the job.

ARCET Global has worked closely with CCR3 to develop ARCET Global Talent Management. A Valuemetric insight into a person’s ability to put the customer first. Based on the 6 competencies outlined by the CXPA and the 8 disciplines of a customer culture created by MarketCulture.

Our cloud based system, uses AI driven algorithms and enables the user through any smart enabled device from a PC to a mobile phone, putting the data literally in the palm of your hand.

The OneSource system has over 2,000 validated and benchmarked roles which allows an organisation to simply have the employee engage with the system via their chosen device, PC, tablet or smart phone.

They complete the on-line process and it gives you an unparalleled view into the character of that person in seconds, with over 94.8% accuracy and no psycho babble terminology, just relevant, easy to use insight on each person specific to their ability to put the customer first.

Valuemetric Profile

Run your employees through one of the many profiles to discover their effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses.


Develop those weaknesses and track improvement through our unique iCoach system

Custom Values Profile for Talent Management

Create a bespoke profile based on your company values and gauge cultural fit amongst your existing employees and potential new hires.

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